Mu Online Season6 - Update 1.0.2

News about the next update, this will happen most likely within 24 Hours>

400 Level Maps, will be x2 credits for monster kills and x2 credits for player kills! This will remain as normal for the server.
Silver and Golden box Seed earth will be removed temporary.
Fix on typo of CashShop 10.000 for 2nd lucky boots.
Fix on the updated Self Platinum Case detail about +11 .
Lucky items: higher chances to receive higher Level item.
Chaos Card mini: higher chances to receive higher Level item.
Self Platinum Case and Self Shield Case, will no more drop zen for Character that can't use this items, but they will drop the Case back as new.

Rage Fighter rebalance on 1vs1 and on Mass PvP
( small %, nothing to really worry about ).

MG and ELF damage rebalance

*Specials weekend event>
Double Chances for Boss Accessories from Pendant and Ring Case and Mini Bosses!
Double Chance for Condors Feather from and Chaos Card.
Double Chance for Lucky Coins 30 specific drops: Chaos Card Rare, Gold, TOCA, New Jewel Level 1,2,3

Posted 06 / 01 / 2022 By dope22

Currently this is only one server.