Golden Invasion from 4 hours to 2 hours
- All goldens are x5 except Great Golden Dragon

Skeleton, Red Dragon and White Wizard invasions changed in to every hour, same hour.

All invasions events and monsters provides Credits and extra rewards, dont lose a chance!

Website timer added according to new standarts 

- Vote added

18 12 / 2021

Exp 35~50 in range, dynamic experience unique formula system on your right side of your screen.
Non Reset server, reset Stats can be from CashShop and reset MasterStats from website.
5 Account Limit per PC
5 Monsters spot
3 maximum excellent options
4 maximum socket options
Unique bosses accessories
Unique self and random boxes
Player kill = Credits and Exp
Monster kill = 5% for Credits
Invasions, Minibosses and Bosses = 100% Credits and bigger amount
10 Sec penalty for move when log in on server and when died by a Player

Off-Level System Enabled
Off-Trade System Enabled
Reconnect System Enabled
Excellent 380 Items Enabled
Excellent Socket Items Disabled

Website: Vip, Vip Daily and Weekly rewards, Bonus gift codes, Achievements and Merchant system
Make real money selling PCredits with Merchant system and with your own and unique account panel!

17 12 / 2021

Hello to everyone, 
Register for account will open once countdown will be on 00:00:00 days,hours,minutes!
Less than 3 hours remaining, test your clients if everything is fine and you are able to connect.

If you have any question or problem, please send us message on discord and our team will be there to help you.

Be sure you have latest windows updates, and if your antivirus is original, in some rare cases may need to be disable.

Vip Servers are PVP and NON PVP, the only difference is less competive on spots, minibosses, bosses and events are ONLY on FREE server!

We wish everyone a good start, and do not hesitate to contact us for anything!

17 12 / 2021

15 Hours left for the grand opening, register will be open once the final countdown will be over... so in next 15 hours!
You can Download the server cleint and test it, for any problem or question use discord!

17 12 / 2021

2 Days left for the Grand Opening!
Be ready for some gift codes around the facebook, youtube and discord once the server will open!

The only Real MMORPG PvP and PvE Server!

15 12 / 2021
Currently this is only one server.